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FREE Estimates, Ideas, and Information

Need pricing?  Need ideas? Have questions? Estimates, Ideas, and Information are always FREE!  Our expert staff would love to assist you!  Give us a call. We’re here to serve you! Come on in and visit us, or call us today to get started: 307-473-1016

Diagnose & Repair

Issues or questions about your existing stove or fireplace? Give us a call, and our friendly staff will be glad to help. Our expert technicians are highly trained on most makes and models of pellet, wood and gas units.  Call us today for information or to schedule a Service appointment:    307-473-1016


It is important to schedule annual cleanings to dramatically prolong the life of your stove or fireplace as well as prevent dangerous situations such as chimney fires and CO2 emission. Free general inspections are included in Spring and Summer cleanings.  Keep your fireplace or stove in top shape with a professional cleaning every year. Call us today for information or to schedule a cleaning:  307-473-1016


A general inspection noting any safety concerns or repairs needed is provided for FREE with a standard cleaning during Spring and Summer months. If you are unsure how safe your unit is, a thorough inspection is recommended to avoid potentially dangerous situations. You will receive official documentation including detailed estimates for repair if needed.  Call us today for information or to schedule an Inspection: 307-473-1016

Tear Outs & Removals

Tearing out and disposing of an existing non-functioning stove or fireplace, can be a dirty, difficult, and HEAVY job!  Let us do that work for you!  Call us today for information or to schedule a tear out and removal:  307-473-1016


Our expert installation crews are trained in total fireplace renovation & installation.   We install what we sell, but we will ALSO install most units you purchased somewhere else!   Call us today for information or to schedule an installation: 307-473-1016

Chimney Repairs

We provide preventive & corrective services such as custom crown covers, brick & mortar repair and waterproofing to prevent further decay of your chimney.  Call us today for information or to schedule a repair:  307-473-1016

Animal/Pest Removal

Don’t take any chances, Magic City Stoves & Fireplaces can remove unwanted pests from your fireplace or chimney!  From wasps to raccoons, give us a call for information or to schedule pest removal:  307-473-1016

Contractor/Builder and New Construction Remodeling

We offer special pricing for Contractors!  Our experienced staff is always delighted to work with homeowners and their contractor on your fireplace design and/or remodeling projects. Our goal is to provide beautiful ambiance, excellent efficiency, and exceptional, long-lasting quality.   Call us today for information:  307-473-1016

 Realtor Services

Realtors, are you looking for someone to honestly inspect a chimney or an existing fireplace or stove in a home for your clients?  We offer thorough, professional inspections at discounted rates for realtors.  Our inspections include clear photos of any issues found, and detailed estimates to resolve any concerns.  Schedule an inspection with us, to quickly close your next home sale. 

Give us a call for information, or to schedule your discounted fireplace and chimney inspection: 307-473-1016

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