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Vent-Free Gas Appliances – Wonderful or Scary-bad?

Dangers of Vent-Free appliances (logs, inserts, fireplaces, stoves…):

          · Poisonous toxins are pumped into your home which can produce or exacerbate health problems!

          · Serious water and mold problems can be created inside your home!

          · Heat will be lost and your home will be COLDER!

Many homeowners remove their vent-free gas appliance because they experience several serious problems. Common, negative reports include: a horrible odor when the logs are turned on, soot, water condensation on walls and windows, water damage and staining on drywall, warping of wood, formation of mold, a strong smell of mildew, as well as health concerns such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, and a variety of “unexplained illnesses” which arise after installing a vent-free gas appliance. You can learn from their experiences!

What’s the Problem?

When gas is burned, the by-products are carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide, and a substantial quantity of water.

Glass Fireplace

In fact, the instructions for a vent-free gas appliance, say you must open your windows when operating the appliance. Their warning is due to the toxic, poisonous gases that are being produced, and the oxygen that is being diminished. This hazardous environment can create serious health risks, especially for the young, the old, pregnant women, people with allergies, individuals with asthma or respiratory problems, or other health issues. Birds are particularly sensitive to these gases, and have become very ill or died due to fluctuations in carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Literally, it’s like pumping car-exhaust into your living room!

Additionally, a vent-free appliance can easily produce over six gallons of water in just one day! This water production, the natural result of gas combustion, causes condensation on walls, windows and furniture, leaving water stains, warping, and the unpleasant smell of mildew. The moisture absorbs into the drywall which can result in black mold forming behind the walls and in other hidden places.

What’s the Solution?

We, at Magic City Stoves & Fireplaces, highly recommend that you to install a direct-vent gas insert or fireplace instead of a vent-free appliance to efficiently heat your home and completely prevent toxic combustion gases from entering your home. A direct-vent appliance SAFELY AND WISELY increases your home value with unsurpassed beauty and ambience.

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